Welcome to Daydreams

The characters of Squid find that their minds can easily wander in the silent parts of their work. We start with Caleb's boredom, and then we'll move on to Sam's hopes for his unborn child, Ben's regrets in life, Umeko's big dreams, Hana's longing for normalcy, Orion's own desire for peace, Kira's wish to be in a different time, and finally Jack and the true meaning of love. Enjoy this when I get bored of my other comic, or when you get bored of it.

The Holidays!

Heya! It's me! BBD! The holidays are coming and making me a little happy, kinda...anyways, I'm thinking of doing something special for the holidays, I already have some pictures and a story coming along, so don't be surprised if I post up some special stuuf. Also, bear with me on the story that is currently going, you would not believe the number of other comics I work on at one time.

Too many!

So, thanks for the people who stick with me and thanks for all the new readers, I'll do my best to please you without breaking any laws or stepping over any personal boundaries.

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